House ‘frozen in time’ goes on sale after owner “who loved colour” passes away

A time capsule home that takes you back to the Swinging Sixties is on the market – complete with virtually untouched interiors.

The three-bedroom home in Brisbane, Australia was a “labour of love” for its former owner, who went to extreme measures to protect her dream home from damage

The home’s late owner loved clashing colours and eclectic patterns – with the evidence clear to see throughout the home.

The woman’s daughter said it was her mum’s “passion” to keep the psychedelic interior of the 60s and 70s frozen in time.

Estate agent Michelle Lee of Ray White Eight Mile Plains, who is selling the property with colleague Ken Chin, said the incredible home has already drawn interest.

She said : “It was her Mum’s passion – those colours. If she found some beautiful colour, she’d put it on the wall. The floor is very unique as well. She maintained it very nicely and well.

“They are all late 70s fashion but still very well maintained. It looks like new. She blocked sunshine, put blinds up to protect the colours.

“If you look at it you will be surprised at how very well maintained it has been.”

No price guide has been given for the home as yet and the buyer is still accepting offers.

The house listing found here states: “You couldn’t ask for anything better in this beautiful and well-maintained family home. What else could you need?

“Inspection is a must, offers are welcome as this home won’t last long!”

The one-of-a-kind property is one of the most viewed since going on the market thanks to its eclectic design and patterns attracting attention.

The house looks similar to its neighbours on the outside with a small slope leading up to the property with a small garden out front.

The incredible kitchen is kitted out in bright orange with a tiled floor and clashing walls, which all feature unique designs.

The main living room is next door – with no door separating the rooms – and features a beautiful carpet and golden-green wall with a leafy print.

In one of the bedrooms, the copper wallpaper features delicate detailing which stands out against the bold carpet.

Another bedroom is more muted with dark brown walls, although your eyes are drawn to the bright red and gold carpet.

Meanwhile, the bathroom features Morrocan looking blue tiles and an impressive glass light hanging – and there is a bathroom and shower.

Another bedroom looks like it has come straight from a 1970s design book – with incredibly gaudy wallpaper and a statement carpet throwing you back to the sixties.

A second bathroom features a bright set of orange and green tiles that are set off by a muted brown floor.

There is an impressive porch out front where the new residents will be able to sit and watch the world go by.

And a massive garden which has lots of room for activities, and a large blue shed at the back.

Estate agent Michelle Lee said lots of people were interested in the house – with some viewers raving about the interior.

“This is really popular because of the location and the layout of the house,” she said.

“Some of the people believe it’s got beautiful colour (inside) and some say there’s lots of work to do. It is very big.”

The house has gone viral on social media with people divided over the property’s unique design.

One person joked: “If you ever wondered why children of the 70s have such plain style you need to view this – I suggest putting your sunnies on to protect your eyes.”

One fan replied: “I LOVE IT. Not to live in, but someone should preserve as a museum.”

Another commented: “Holy bright colours Batman!! It’s a party in every room. I’m also pretty sure there was an old-style twin tub washing machine.”

One baffled American replied: “To me, that’s a very Australian house, but then again, all I know of Australia is from Australian TV.”